Lalizas Lamda Inflatable Lifejacket SOLAS

Lalizas Inflatable life jackets Lamda 150Ν, Lamda 275N & Delta 150N follow the latest SOLAS specifications for ultimate safety, while on board. They feature twin chambers for double security and each chamber can be inflated via its individual Lalizas automatic operating head (20260, certified per ISO 12402-7), which also supports manual activation. The inflatable chamber, which is made of High Visibility Yellow fabric, is folded into a cover with Velcro closure and its inflation tube incorporates the new Lalizas red pressure relief valves (20611, certified per ISO 12402-7).

71107 LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda Auto 150N, SOLAS/MED
71216 LALIZAS Inflatable Lifejacket Lamda Auto 275N, SOLAS/MED
72114 LALIZAS Infl.Lifejacket Adv. Lamda Auto 330N, SOLAS/MED,w/crotch strap

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