Lalizas Compact Folding Lifejacket SOLAS LSA Code 2016

The series of Compact 2016 Folding Lifejackets SOLAS fully complies with the new regulations [IMO Resolutions (MSC.201(81), MSC.216(82), L.S.A. Code as amended by 207(81), 218(82); and MSC 81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC. 226(82), MSC. 323(89), MSC. 368(93) & MSC. 378(93)], which are mandatory for all lifejackets used on-board Community ships.

72214 LALIZAS Compact Adult Folding Lifejacket, SOLAS/MED 2016
72215 LALIZAS Compact Child Folding Lifejacket, SOLAS/MED 2016

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