IBUKI mh 550 Vessel length overall 75-200m Piston Horn

IBUKI MH550H Piston horn is electrically driven, and employs a motor to drive reciprocating piston mechanism to produce a powerful tone. The motor is only operated on blowing for low power consumption. MH550H is just required electrical wiring without pneumatic connections for installation on the foremast. Heater and snow guard are available for use in cold area.

OPTION – Anti Vibration Mount
Anti vibration rubber mount reduces the vibrate transmission to the rest of ship’s hull.

Type Protection Fundamental Frequency (Hz) Sound Level 1/3rd Octave (dB/1m) Voltage (Solenoid) Voltage (Heater) Length (mm) Horn Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
MH550 IP56 135 Over 138dB AC220V 3Φ 18.6A
AC440V 3Φ 9.3A
AC100V / 220V 877 580 167
MH550-H (With heater) 176
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