IBUKI A200Vessel length overall Over 200m Air Horn

IBUKI A200 series air horns employ a diaphragm driven by compressed-air.
Operation is controlled manual and solenoid. Diaphragm of A200ES-B and A200ESH-B is a new material for lower air consumption and extremely long life.
Heater and snow guard are available for use in cold area.

connecting an air filter to the air inlet port of IBUKI air horn, it prevents from sticking the foreign matter in the valve.

Type Protection Fundamental Frequency (Hz) Sound Level 1/3rd Octave (dB/1m) Voltage (Solenoid) Voltage (Heater) Air Comsumption (L/s) Length (mm) Horn Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
A200ES IP56 128 Over 143dB AC100V 1Φ 0.2A
AC220V 1Φ 0.1A
DC24V 0.8A
AC100V / 220V 50 1215 580 44
4200ESH (With heater) 1231 47
A200ES-B 128 35 1215 580 40
4200ESH-B (With heater) 1231 44
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