Exalto MD1 Wiper arms PU

The Exalto PU arms are suitable for all H.D. wiper systems for small and medium sized windows up to 1100mm in height. This means that they can be installed on all MD1 & MD2-series wiper motors. All PU arms have a fold back feature (see picture), so they can be placed in fixed position away from the windshield. This makes it easier to mount the arms, replace the blades or to clean the window. As a standard the PU arms also have adjustable spring pressure to regulate the pressure of the blade on the window steplessly. The position of the blade in relation to the window configuration can be adjusted by the swivelling blade clip. All Exalto wiper arms are made of stainless steel 316 and have bronze heads. A black coating is applied on all metal parts as a standard to prevent reflection. The polished arms are new, so you can choose which arm suits the look of your vessel most. The wiper arms are adjustable in length.

Position Wiper arm length Description length Nr. of springs Max. bladelength Art.Code
1 270-450 mm Exalto MD1 arm type PU 1 300-800mm 2133
3 270-450 mm 2 300-800mm 2133.01
2 Tubing retainer strip 190mm 190mm 2133.03
1 500-600 mm Exalto MD1 arm type PU 1 300-800mm 2136
3 500-600 mm 2 300-800mm 2136.01
2 Tubing retainer strip 430mm 430mm 2136.03
1 650-750mm Exalto MD1 arm type PU 1 300-800mm 2139
4 650-750mm Exalto MD1 polished arm type PU 1 300-800mm 2139.P
3 650-750mm 2 300-800mm 2139.01
2 Tubing retainer strip 480mm 480mm 2139.03
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