Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2™ with Standard Radiation Shield (#6152C)

Accurate, reliable weather monitoring with real-time data updates every 2.5 seconds.
Transmits data from the sensor suite to the included cabled console via 100’/30 m cable.
Sensor suite’s rugged, weather-proof housing gives you years of reliable data.
Sensor suite includes outside temperature and humidity sensors in a passive radiation shield; wind speed and direction; and rainfall.
Mount anemometer up to 40’/12 m from the rest of sensor suite for flexible siting.
Console includes inside temperature and humidity sensors and barometer; shows all sensor data as well as indexes, dewpoint, moon phase, alarms, highs/lows, forecast and more.
On-screen graphing of weather data shows you over 100 graphs for last 24 hours, days, months or years; tickertape provides forecast and meteorological information.
Set 22 simultaneous console alarms to warn of dangers such as high wind, freezing temperatures, high rain rate, heat index, and more.
Sensor suite is AC-powered through the console with battery-backup.

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